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Extension Facts:

Q: What are Pinch~Braid Extensions?

A: Synthetic or natural hair attached
as extensions to your natural hair to create
extra length, extra volume, and additional color.
‘Pinch Braid’ means - I attach the extension
with a special knot.
There are no chemical bonds, toxic glue,
or metal clips that can damage your hair.
The extensions can then be formed
into dreadlocks to create a unique
and exclusive style.

Q: How long do they last? 

A: 2 - 4 months. The duration is determined by the speed in which your hair grows and
how well you take care of your synthetic hair.
Pinch braid extensions must be removed professionally, they do not
simply fall out on their own.

Q: Do these extensions damage my hair?

A: NO. Actually the person, themselves,
cause most incidental damage mistakenly.
For instance, if the person lets the care slide
or the extensions are removed incorrectly.

Q: Can I wash the synthetic dread extensions as usual?

A: YES and NO.
In principle, treat it like your own hair.
I suggest you wash your
synthetic dread extensions once a week,
twice a week at most - with shampoo that has been diluted. It is very important to let all dreads dry COMPLETELY.

Q: Can I blow-dry or curl my synthetic hair?

A: Synthetic hair is PLASTIC – COOL SETTINGS ONLY! That means no high heat
like curling irons, uncoated curlers or
high heat blow dryers.
High temperatures may scorch and damage
the synthetic hair.
Low heat blow-drying is ok.
I offer steam curling and/or straightening services that last for 2-3 months.

Q: How long does my natural hair have to be?

A: I only need 2 ½ inches of your
natural hair to tie in the extensions.

Q: What happens to my natural hair during the time I have extensions?

A: The client’s normal hair can remain
normal if you want it to,
or natural dreads can be started this way.
Depending on how fast your hair grows
and how well you care for your extensions,
we will RETIE and TIGHTEN the synthetic dreads closer to your scalp within 3 – 4 months.

Q: What kind of styles will I be able to do?

A: There is a multitude of possibilities.
All you need is your imagination! 


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