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Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions:

  Synthetic hair attached as extensions to

the natural hair to create custom dreadlocks

with any combination of color, any length,

and any size to suit personal style.


 Hair extensions are very simply hair elongations.

The hair not only becomes longer,

but also more voluminous, more colorful, and more exclusive.

 Dreadlocks are the simplest form

to wear synthetic hair because

dreads are easy to wash,

and need neither be combed nor treated

with costly hair products.


Synthetic dreads can be worn on an ongoing basis,

with tightening every 3 – 4 months.

The duration is determined by

our own hair growth

and by how well you

take care of your synthetic hair.


 Synthetic dreads are great

for short hair, fine hair,

and also can be added to longer hair.

 They are also great for a temporary look

and are easy for me to remove

without any damage to your own hair.























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